DIY tours in South Western Australia

Perth to Windy Harbour Tour 1985

Windy Harbour

This is the eighth of a series of retrospective bike stories, of rides taken before 1987. 1987 was the first ride to be fully documented in the current format, with distances, speeds, rest stops and so on, moreover written as soon after the event as possible. This was the year in which I got away […]

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Perth to Donnybrook 1985


Perth to Donnybrook, day 1, Friday 15 November 1985. As in some other years, I decided to take the morning Australind train and start my ride from Bunbury. I was going to stop at Donnybrook for the first night so there was no hurry. For the first time the old Australind stopped at the …

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Donnybrook to Bridgetown 1985

Bridgetown Main Street

Donnybrook to Bridgetown, day 2, Saturday 16 November 1985. I had breakfast in bed and got going as early as I could. This time I was prepared for the climbs that lay ahead, both mentally and with a well-prepared bike with the proper range of gears. The going was still hard but I think …

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Bridgetown to Pemberton 1985

Pemberton main street

Bridgetown to Pemberton, day 3, Sunday 17 November 1985. I had breakfast of snacks bought the previous afternoon. I set off down Hampton Street, crossed the river and this time turned left for the South Western Highway, not right for the Brockman Highway as in 1983. I had only travelled this road by car …

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Pemberton to Northcliffe 1985

Marianne North tree

Pemberton to Northcliffe, day 4, Monday 18 November 1985. I set off from the Lodge and stopped in Pemberton to buy drinks. I only had 29 km to go to Northcliffe. This would be new road altogether for me, I had never been south of Pemberton by any vehicle. I had decided to take a […]

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Northcliffe to Windy Harbour and return 1985

Windy Harbour

Northcliffe to Windy Harbour and return, day 5, Tuesday 19 November 1985. I had a good breakfast in the dining room and packed a minimum of stuff, packaged drinks, tubes, pump, valuables, small towel. I set off east along Zamia St. and turned right into Windy Harbour Road which is a continuation of Wheatley …

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Northcliffe to Manjimup 1985

Manjimup welcome

Northcliffe to Manjimup, day 6, Wednesday 20 November 1985. This was to be one of the hardest days on these rides. The plan was to make the next overnight stop at Manjimup. I had my full breakfast, then an Episode, then I started to labour towards Pemberton. I had a couple of drink stops and […]

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Manjimup to Greenbushes 1985

Yornup Town Hall

Manjimup to Greenbushes, day 7, Thursday 21 November 1985. I felt a bit better than I had the previous morning, but still had my problem after breakfast. I started on the road to Bridgetown, hoping that things would improve. I stopped at Yornup to use the public phone and try to ring my parents. I […]

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Greenbushes to Donnybrook 1985

Greenbushes Post Office

Greenbushes to Donnybrook, day 8, Friday 22 November 1985. I had a good breakfast in the dining room and eventually was ready to leave. My plan was just to go straight to Bunbury. I thought, it’s 77 km but much of it is downhill and then level, and I should be able to do …

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Donnybrook to Cottesloe 1985

Australind train

Donnybrook to Cottesloe, day 9, Saturday 23 November 1985. I decided to sleep in a bit and generally take it easy on this last morning. There were only 39 km to Bunbury and the train didn’t leave till 3 pm in those days. I had my arrowroot for breakfast, then waited for a while before […]

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