Armadale to Pemberton 1991

Armadale to Permberton Tour 1991 – The Great Loop

Pemberton main street

Armadale to Pemberton via Nannup, 11 day tour, cumulative distance 712 km Charles A. Pierce Other Days on this Tour: Daily Locations for this Tour:

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Armadale to Pinjarra 1991


Armadale to Pinjarra, day 1, Monday 21 October 1991. I took the train to Armadale railway station and left there at 10.05, with the odometer reading 21939. The 5km pegs showed that the odometer was reading about 4% low. This remained constant throughout the trip. DIGRESSION – FLASHBACK TO 1978. …

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Pinjarra to Harvey 1991

Harvey at Dusk

Pinjarra to Harvey, day 2, Tuesday 22 October 1991. Left Pinjarra at 9.01. The headwind was still not strong and did not increase much during the day’s ride. I stopped at 22009, then at Waroona (22020), changed since I last rode through in 1977. It now has a big motel and wide brick-paved footpaths and […]

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Harvey to Donnybrook 1991


Harvey to Donnybrook, day 3, Wednesday 23 October 1991. This was going to be one of the challenges of the trip. I had decided to bypass Bunbury and go straight to Donnybrook via a short-cut through Waterloo and Dardanup. It looked like about 70 km, and I didn’t know how bad the headwind was going […]

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Donnybrook to Bridgetown 1991

Bridgetown Main Street

Donnybrook to Bridgetown, day 4, Thursday 24 October 1991. I left Donnybrook at 8.26 on a fine morning with a moderate SE headwind. This was the fourth day of riding south and I had been lucky so far with the winds. I had been down this road before, (1981 as far as Balingup, 1983, 1985, […]

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Bridgetown to Kin Kin Retreat 1991

Kin Kin Retreat

Bridgetown to Kin Kin Retreat, Day 5, Friday 25 October 1991. I left Bridgetown at 8.15. The weather was still cool and sunny with a similar moderate headwind, but it was turning more easterly. The road between Bridgetown and Manjimup is comparatively flat. I rested at Donnelly’s Well (22184) and at 22198 (Cosy Creek Road). […]

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Kin Kin Retreat to Pemberton 1991

Pemberton main street

Kin Kin Retreat to Pemberton, day 6, Saturday 26 October 1991. Left Kin Kin at 7.55. Another fine cool day, with an easterly wind. I rode the 4km of gravel back to Wheatley Coast Road, then turned left, south, towards Quinninup. True to the map, there were about 7km of gravel before the sealed surface […]

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Pemberton to Nannup 1991


Pemberton to Nannup, day 7, Sunday 27 October 1991. Left Pemberton at 8.35. Rolled down the hill past the centre of town and the silent mill, then began the long climb towards the Vasse Highway junction. There, for the first time, I took the right turn, the road to Nannup, rather than the left for […]

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Nannup to Busselton 1991

Busselton Jetty

Nannup to Busselton, day 8, Monday 28 October 1991. I had originally planned, if I got this far, to go back to Donnybrook via the back roads through Cundinup, thence to Bunbury and the Old Coast Road. But it seemed better to go instead to beloved Busselton, with all its pleasant memories and attractions. I […]

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Busselton to Bunbury 1991

Bunbury main street

Busselton to Bunbury, day 9, Tuesday 29 October 1991. There was no hurry about leaving Busselton this morning because I was only going to Bunbury and the Bunbury-Busselton road could be ridden by a cripple in his sleep (that description nearly applied to me a couple of times in past years). I had a morning […]

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