Cottesloe to Harrismith 1999

Cottesloe to Harrismith Tour 1999


Cottesloe to Harrismith 1999 – 11 days, 726 km cumulative distance. The aim of this trip was not decided at the outset. It depended on weather and wind conditions, how I felt and how the new bike, built with some difficulty and finally with some haste, would go. I was clear that I wanted …

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Cottesloe to Mundaring 1999

Mundaring statues

Cottesloe to Mundaring, day 1, Sunday 10 October 1999. I took the train to Midland and started riding at 11:30, 78. After a few km I rode up Greenmount Hill, This was a good test for the new bike. I stopped once just to straighten up for a minute, after which I had caught my […]

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Mundaring to York 1999


Mundaring to York, day 2, Monday 11 October 1999. The morning was cool and cloudy with a light E headwind. This was to be the first big test of the ride, of the new bike and myself. I left Travellers Rest Motel at 8:15, 105, and reached The Lakes roadhouse at 8:55, 120. I had […]

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York to Pingelly 1999


York to Pingelly, day 3, Tuesday 12 October 1999. The morning was cool and cloudy with a light N drift. I left the motel at 735, 167, and cycled east until I reached the start of the Top Beverley road, seeking to save a couple of km and avoid heavy traffic. I rested at 190. […]

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Pingelly to Wickepin 1999


Pingelly to Wickepin, day 4, Wednesday 13 October 1999. I left Pingelly for Wickepin at 8:13, 253, on a cool cloudy morning with a fresh NW wind. There were only a few spots of rain on the journey and I did not need to shelter. After a climb up from Pingelly, the country was undulating […]

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Wickepin to Harrismith 1999


Wickepin to Harrismith, day 5, Thursday 14 October 1999. The morning was cold and sunny with strong WSW turning to NW winds. I left the Wickepin Hotel at 8:41. The going was easy, as expected, and I didn’t need to shelter for the whole journey. Large storms passed to the north and south of me […]

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Harrismith to Narrogin 1999


Harrismith to Narrogin, day 6, Friday 15 October 1999. This loomed as the second challenge day of the trip, though more so than Day 3. I thought that if I made Narrogin on this day it would get progressively easier and I would get home all right. I was dismayed to find when I awoke […]

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Narrogin to Williams 1999


Narrogin to Williams, day 7, Saturday 16 October 1999. The day was cold and the wind was SW and moderate to fresh as I rolled away from the Narrogin motel at 9:30. It was only 31 km to Williams by the shortest road so I decided to take the long way to look at the […]

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Williams to Boddington 1999

Boddington - the Hotham River

Williams to Boddington, day 8, Sunday 17 October 1999. I left the motel at 8:30 on a cold sunny morning with a SE wind. I had risen at 7 and jumped straight into the pool without stopping to think whether I felt like it or not. The bracing experience was a great benefit. Some old […]

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Boddington to Dwellingup 1999


Boddington to Dwellingup day 9, Monday 18 October 1999. I left the Boddington Hotel at 9:07 on a cool fine sunny morning with light ESE winds. This would be an easy day. The wind was mainly behind me and the country was getting more forested. I had thought of taking an alternative route to get […]

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