Cottesloe to Valley of the Giants 2002

Cottesloe to Valley of the Giants Tour 2002

Valley of the Giants skywalk

Cottesloe to Valley of the Giants 2002 – 10 days, 610 km cumulative distance. The aim of this trip was to visit the Valley of the Giants again, and to see the tree-top walk built since my last visit in 1987. This time I would go by a reverse route and with some motorised …

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Cottesloe to Tenterden 2002


PRELIMINARY Cottesloe to Tenterden, Tuesday October 15 2002. Liz had taken possession of her bush cabin at Tenterden in July, and had got into the way of spending several days down there from time to time, so I asked her if one of her visits could be arranged for just after the school holidays, so […]

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Tenterden to Mt Barker 2002

Mt Barker welcome

Tenterden to Mt Barker, DAY 1, WEDNESDAY 16 OCTOBER 2002. I left Liz’ cabin at 2:14 on a mild cloudy afternoon with some rain and a north-westerly gale blowing. The odometer read 1007. Rain fell as I crunched along the 3km or so of gravel tracks to get to the Albany Highway. When I got […]

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Mt Barker to Albany 2002


Mt Barker to Albany, day 2, Thursday 17 October 2002. I left Mount Barker at 7:40 on a warm sunny morning with a north-westerly gale blowing. The wind would never be this helpful again, and I sort of knew this as I rode along, and enjoyed it while I could. I rested at 1069 and […]

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Albany to Denmark 2002

Denmark welcome

Albany to Denmark, day 3, Friday 18 October 2002. It was only 49 km from the Ace motel, Albany to Denmark, along the main road, so I didn’t rush. Besides, I assumed that the winds and rain would moderate as the day wore on. I had my breakfast then packed up to get going, but […]

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Denmark to Walpole and Valley of the Giants 2002

Walpole-Nornalup National Park

Denmark to Walpole, day 4, Saturday 19 October 2002. I started from Denmark at 8:15. The speedo read 1163 after a visit to the post office. The morning was cool and cloudy with spots of rain and a north-westerly headwind, though not as strong as the day before. I rested at Pates Road, 1181, and […]

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Walpole to Manjimup 2002

Manjimup sign

Walpole to Manjimup, day 5, Sunday 20 October 2002. THE MIRACLE (OR WIMP-OUT) OF THE WILDERNESS I left the motel at 7:45 am on a cool sunny morning, with winds almost calm, developing to a light north-westerly headwind. The day became warmer as I went on. There was a short descent out of Walpole, then […]

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Manjimup to Greenbushes 2002

Greenbushes Post Office

Manjimup to Greenbushes, day 6, Monday 21 October 2002. I left Manjimup at 9:17. The wind was still a northwesterly headwind, moderate but freshening. The road from Manjimup to Bridgetown is quite moderate in its hills and I got along all right. I rested at 1315, passed Mersea Road, where I had sheltered from that […]

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Greenbushes to Donnybrook 2002


Greenbushes to Donnybrook, day 7, Tuesday 22 October 2002. The day was cool to mild and sunny with east to south-easterly winds shifting north-easterly. I left Greenbushes at 8:58, rested at Mullalyup, 1367, then made a brief stop at Kirup, 1374. I reached the Donnybrook Hotel at 11:38, 1393. There was only one person in […]

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Donnybrook to Bunbury 2002

Bunbury main street

Donnybrook to Bunbury, day 8, Wednesday 23 October 2002. I left Donnybrook with some relief at 8:57, vowing to book the motel as many days as possible ahead of need the next time. There was a fresh WNW wind, directly against me. I decided to turn off at Boyanup, to make a different way than […]

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