Cottesloe to Windy Harbour 1998

Cottesloe to Windy Harbour Tour 1998

Windy Harbour

Cottesloe to Windy Harbour Tour 1998 – 10 days, 627 km cumulative distance. The aim of this trip was to return to Windy Harbour, only this time to do it better, faster, with less hardship and fewer mishaps than in 1985, drawing on the experience gained over the years. Charles A. Pierce Other Days on […]

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Cottesloe to Bunbury 1998

Bunbury main street

PRELIMINARY On Sunday, October 11 I took the bike on the train from Cottesloe to Perth City train station, then took the afternoon Australind train to Bunbury, to stay the night in the Bunbury Motel and start the ride from there early the next morning. I first tried this in 1992, when the new, faster […]

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Bunbury to Greenbushes 1998

Greenbushes Post Office

Bunbury to Greenbushes, day 1, Monday 12 October 1998. I left The Bunbury Motel ($55, Unit 11, nicer than last year, could open a window) at 8.16 on a cool morning with moderate NE-NW winds. The odometer read 6214. I rested and took a drink at 6234, at Boyanup, then again at Donnybrook, 6249, reached […]

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Greenbushes to Manjimup 1998

Manjimup welcome

Greenbushes to Manjimup, day 2, Tuesday 13 October 1998. The morning was cold with strong NW-SW winds. Rain had fallen during the night and early morning and would continue to come through during the day, with clear spells. The sky was blue as I went in to breakfast at 5:40. I had been told that […]

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Manjimup to Northcliffe 1998

karri forest

Manjimup to Northcliffe, day 3, Wednesday 14 October 1998. The morning was cold but clear with a moderate SW wind. I left the Manjimup hotel at 8:43 after breakfast of biscuits and cheese in my room. I proceeded the way I should have gone in 1987, not via Pemberton but straight down the South Western […]

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Northcliffe to Windy Harbour 1998

Windy Harbour

Northcliffe to Windy Harbour, day 4, Thursday 15 October 1998. I left Northcliffe for Windy Harbour at 8:29 on a fine morning with a moderate NE wind that went to NW later, so I had a tailwind all the way down and some of the way back. I passed the Chesapeake Road junction at 6409, […]

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Northcliffe to Pemberton 1998

Pemberton main street

Northcliffe to Pemberton, day 5, Friday 16 October 1998. The morning was cool with strong NW winds. Rain started to fall after I left Northcliffe at 9:27 but I didn’t stop, the rain wasn’t too heavy and cleared up after a few km. I had been expecting a very wet and windy day, as had […]

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Pemberton to Bridgetown 1998

Bridgetown Main Street

Pemberton to Bridgetown, day 6, Saturday 17 October 1998. This loomed as the second challenge day of the trip, though more so than Day 1. I thought that if I made Bridgetown on this day it would get progressively easier and I would get home all right. I left the motel at 8:19 and the […]

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Bridgetown to Donnybrook 1998

Donnybrook sign

Bridgetown to Donnybrook, day 7, Sunday 18 October 1998. The day was cold and the wind was WSW and moderate to fresh as I rolled away from the Freemasons Hotel at 9:37. I had enjoyed the eat-all-you-want breakfast at the hotel and gone back upstairs for a bit more sleep, having not had enough and […]

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Donnybrook to Harvey 1998

Harvey at Dusk

Donnybrook to Harvey, day 8, Monday 19 October 1998. I left the Donnybrook Motel at 8:40 with a moderate SE breeze that was to help most of the way. I was surprised that the weather had turned around so quickly – after the days of rain with a NW-W-SW regime I expected a day or […]

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