Cottesloe to Yealering 2003

Cottesloe to Yealering Tour 2003

Lake Yealering

Cottesloe to Yealering 2003 – 11 days, 586 km cumulative distance. The aim of this trip was originally to visit Kulin, not because there is anything special there but because I have never been there and it has always been just out of reach, round the corner, a bit further down the track, but never […]

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Cottesloe to Pinjarra 2003


Cottesloe to Pinjarra, day 1, Monday 13 October 2003. I rode down to Cottesloe station to get the train, only to have a thought when I got there: Did I pack the pump? A swift check revealed that in fact the pump was not there. Amazing that I should have thought of so much else […]

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Pinjarra to Dwellingup 2003


Pinjarra to Dwellingup, day 2, Tuesday 14 October 2003. I left Pinjarra Motel at 9:58 and rode up the South Western Highway to take a right turn up the Dwellingup road. The morning was cool with some sun, there was a westerly wind which was helpful all the way. The lady at the motel …

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Dwellingup to Boddington 2003

Boddington - the Hotham River

Dwellingup to Boddington, day 3, Wednesday 15 October 2003. I set off for Boddington on a cool sunny morning with no wind, but a helpful south-westerly was to arise as I proceeded. The road was quite hilly, up and down through tall forest. I had only taken it once before, in the other direction, in […]

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Boddington to Williams 2003


Boddington to Williams, day 4, Thursday 16 October 2003. The morning in Boddington was very foggy, thicker than you see fog in Perth, more like a good East Anglia fog in England. I didn’t rush to get going, I didn’t want to ride in fog, there were only another 50-odd km to do today and […]

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Williams to Wickepin 2003


Williams to Wickepin, day 5, Friday 17 October 2003. ANOTHER WIMP-OUT When I awoke I found it hard to get up, I felt unable to manage the next two days, with two 70 kilometre runs. I did get up and get going, but this feeling on first waking up was the seed of the wimp-out […]

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Wickepin to Yealering 2003

Lake Yealering

Wickepin to Yealering, day 6, Saturday 18 October 2003. I left Wickepin at 9:26. It was cold but sunny and the wind was a fresh west to south westerly tailwind. It would have been an ideal day to try for Kulin and had I been able to book into the motel, or had it been […]

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Yealering to Corrigin 2003

Yealering to Corrigin, day 7, Sunday 19 October 2003. The day was cool and sunny with west to north-westerly winds backing south-westerly. I got up before 8 and the place was silent, no-one stirred in or outside the hotel. I went downstairs and started to get a breakfast. I couldn’t find any cutlery anywhere but […]

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Corrigin to Quairading 2003


Corrigin to Quairading, day 8, Monday 20 October 2003. I left Corrigin at 8:15 on a sunny, cool morning with a light south-westerly blowing. Another tail-wind. This was to be the luckiest ride ever for tailwinds. Pity I didn’t do more with them. I crossed the railway line and turned right before the dam as […]

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Quairading to York 2003


Quairading to York, day 9, Tuesday 21 October 2003. I left Quairading at 8:00 on a cool sunny morning with light north-easterly to south-easterly winds. Perfect tail-winds again. I took my first rest at 1275, leaned the bike against a tree. As I was taking hold of the bike again I heard a snap as […]

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