Kelmscott to Rocky Gully 1996

Kelmscott to Rocky Gully Tour 1996

Rocky Gully

Kelmscott to Rocky Gully Tour 1996 – 13 days, 827 km cumulative distance. The aim of this trip was to follow the route of the 1991 ride as far as a resort on the Muirs Highway, then, instead of turning back west as in 1991, to continue east as far as Rocky Gully, then …

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Kelmscott to Pinjarra 1996


Kelmscott to Pinjarra, day 1, Tuesday 15 October 1996. I left Kelmscott at 7.12 on a cool morning with very light southerly winds. The odometer read 864.7. This was to be the first ride using the new ‘cyclocomputer’ that works through magnetic pulses from sensors on the fork and spoke of the front wheel …

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Pinjarra to Harvey 1996

Harvey at Dusk

Pinjarra to Harvey, day 2, Wednesday 16 October 1996. Left Pinjarra at 7:43. Winds were almost calm, becoming light SE-SW during the ride. I rested at 944, then at Waroona (956), finally at 971 before reaching Harvey at 985.6, 10:51. This was the easiest day of the trip. When I had booked the Harvey Hotel […]

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Harvey to Donnybrook 1996

Donnybrook sign

Harvey to Donnybrook, day 3, Thursday 17 October 1996. As in 1991 I had decided to bypass Bunbury and go straight to Donnybrook via a short-cut through Waterloo and Dardanup. Left Harvey at 7.52. Stopped at 1007, at Brunswick, at 8.49, having done 22 km in 57 minutes – the best hour of the …

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Donnybrook to Bridgetown 1996

Bridgetown Main Street

Donnybrook to Bridgetown, day 4, Friday 18 October 1996. I left Donnybrook at 7:42 on a fine calm morning. This was the fourth day of riding south and I had been lucky so far with the winds. The climbing stretch from Donnybrook developed the low point of the trip in 1991, but this time …

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Bridgetown to Nyamup 1996


Bridgetown to Nyamup, day 5, Saturday 19 October 1996. I went down to breakfast in the Freemasons’ dining room shortly after six. There was no-one else there, but a man came in puffing a cigarette, said something I didn’t quite catch and went out again. I turned on the urn and got stuck into …

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Nyamup to Rocky Gully 1996

Rocky Gully

Nyamup to Rocky Gully, day 6, Sunday 20 October 1996. I awoke on a frosty, sunny morning a little after six. The sun shone brightly on the back of the house. I had more biscuits, sultanas and hot chocolate, washed the pots and dishes, tidied the house and left a little sadly at 8:08. …

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Rocky Gully to Kojonup 1996


Rocky Gully to Kojonup, day 7, Monday 21 October 1996. When I awoke, not long after six, the sky was overcast and steady light rain had been falling for some time. I hoped it would clear before I got going, and I didn’t want to wait too long. The maps hadn’t been consistent about …

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Kojonup to Boscabel 1996

Boscabel landscape

Kojonup to Boscabel, day 8, Tuesday 22 October 1996. The day was clear but rain still threatened and the wind was still fresh, from the NW. I had no need to get up early or make an early start, so I had a late breakfast and lay in bed reading and listening to the …

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Boscabel to Darkan 1996

Darkan welcome

Proandra Farm stay, Boscabel to Darkan, day 9, Wednesday 23 November 1996. During the night the wind strengthened from the north-west. I discovered this when I needed to get up in the night and find the toilet, which was some way from the house, out the back and off to the right down …

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