Mandurah to Wandering 2011

Mandurah to Wandering Tour 2011


Mandurah to Wandering Tour 2011, nine days, cumulative distance: 357km. I had planned to ride from Mandurah to Dwellingup on the first day, Monday 24th October, then to Boddington on the second and Wandering on the third. On the Friday before starting the ride, I tried to book the first 3 nights’ accommodation. Dwellingup was […]

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Mandurah to Dwellingup 2011


Mandurah to Dwellingup day 1, Monday 24 October 2011. I left Mandurah rail station at 11.20 am, odometer reading 175, and went east to Mandurah Road where I turned right and went south until I reached the T-junction with Pinjarra Road. The wind was N to NE and quite strong. I reached Pinjarra and stopped […]

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Dwellingup 2011

Dwellingup Primary School

Dwellingup, day 2 Tuesday 25 October 2011. I awoke in the small hours to hear rain pouring down on the roof. It was still going when I woke in daylight and it was time to get up. I had planned to start really early, so that I could have plenty of rest stops and arrive […]

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Dwellingup to Boddington 2011

Boddington - the Hotham River

Dwellingup to Boddington day 3, Wednesday 26 October 2011. I had a big breakfast and tidied up my unit and set off at 8:35. The odometer read 218 as I turned left onto the main road. The winds were moderate NE turning NW and there was occasional light drizzle. I got along quite well and […]

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Boddington to Wandering 2011


Boddington to Wandering day 4, Thursday 27 October 2011. I had the toast and cereal and a hot pie for breakfast. I set off at 8:30, 269. Here it was, Day 4 and I hadn’t yet done 100 km. In the old days I would have done over 100km in the first 2 days. There […]

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Wandering to Pingelly 2011


Wandering to Pingelly day 5, Friday 28 October 2011. I warmed up the other steak sandwich. It wasn’t so nice as the first one eaten fresh the night before, and the chips were soggy, but I stuffed it all down so I shouldn’t be found wanting on the long ride across empty country to Pingelly. […]

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Pingelly to Beverley 2011


Pingelly to Beverley day 6, Saturday 29 October 2011. I left Pingelly at 9:14 on a cool sunny morning with moderate E ? SE winds. The wind was perfect and the road was wide and its surface was smooth, and there wasn’t much traffic and no steep hills, just gentle undulations. This was one of […]

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Beverley to York 2011


Beverley to York day 7, Sunday 30 October 2011. I left Beverley at 9:50 on a cool sunny morning with moderate E ? SE winds. I decided to take the scenic route, the Top Beverley Road, instead of sticking to the main Great Southern Highway. I had done this road before but didn’t remember the […]

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York to Mundaring 2011

Mundaring statues

York to Mundaring day 8, Monday 31 October 2011. I left York at 8:40 on a mild sunny morning with moderate easterly winds. It was mostly uphill for about 7 km as I climbed from the Avon valley into the Darling range. I took a rest at 466 and again at 482. I wasn’t thinking […]

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Mundaring to Midland 2011


Mundaring to Midland day 9, Tuesday 1 November 2011. I left Mundaring at 9:00 on a mild sunny morning with moderate easterly winds. I reached the edge of the scarp at Bilgoman Road at 523 and started the run down Greenmount Hill. I didn’t try to go really fast because the road is winding and […]

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