Midland to Yealering 1989

Midland to Yealering Wheatbelt Tour 1989

Lake Yealering

Midland to Yealering, 8 day Wheatbelt Tour 1989. Cumulative distance: 512km. The purpose of this ride was to reach Yealering and come back to Perth by a different route. The original plan of stops was Sawyers Valley – York – Brookton – Yealering, but I found that Sawyers Valley offered no accomodation, so I booked […]

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Midland to Wooroloo 1989


Midland to Wooroloo, Day 1, Tuesday 24 October 1989. Left Midland Railway Station at 11.20 am, up Great Eastern Highway with a good tailwind. My contour map showed that the steep part of Greenmount Hill would finish about 8km from Midland. I got to 6.5km without changing to bottom gear, then had to leave …

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Wooroloo to Beverley 1989


Wooroloo to Beverley. Day 2, Wednesday 25 October 1989. Left El Caballo Blanco at 7:45 am., clear cool morning, light southerly wind that would freshen and turn south-westerly later. The AM section of my radio suddenly ceased working. Thought it was poor reception. Turned down Wariin Road, steep climb up gravel. Surface OK. I …

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Beverley to Pingelley 1989


Beverley to Pingelley, Day 3, Thursday 26 October 1989. Started down the Great Southern Highway at 7:55 into a moderate headwind. Pleasant country. Arrived at Brookton (17171), an attractive town, about 10. I had an early lunch and a sleep on the grass in front of the railway station. I arrived in Pingelly about …

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Pingelley to Yealering 1989

Lake Yealering

Pingelley to Yealering, Day 4, Friday 27 October 1989. I left Pingelly at 8:04. I couldn’t pay my hotel bill because I couldn’t find anyone anywhere in the place. I resolved to pay by money order later in the trip. It was a lovely cool sunny day with a light breeze that the radio promised […]

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Yealering to Narrogin 1989


Yealering to Narrogin, Day 5, Saturday 28 October 1989. The Yealering Hotel was the first on this trip, where they were willing to get up at 6:30 am to get me a decent breakfast. Started riding at 8:07 am, went to look at two things Rosemary had recommended; the old manse built in 1912 and […]

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Narrogin to Quindanning 1989

Quindanning hotel

Narrogin to Quindanning, Day 6, Sunday 29 October 1989. I left Narrogin at 8:25. South-westerly headwind. Got to the top of a rise and a sign pointed sharp left saying ‘Alternative route to Williams and Perth’. This was in fact the short way but it didn’t look like it and I had no detailed …

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Quindanning to Dwellingup 1989


Quindanning to Dwellingup, Day 7, Monday 30 October 1989. Very cold morning. Left Quindanning at 7:55. Stopped at 17406, passed through Marradong (17416). Steep descent in, steep climb out. Nothing much there any more – no shop. Stopped again at 17422. Saw two different coloured varieties of a wildflower I had seen at New …

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Dwellingup to Perth 1989


Dwellingup to Perth, Day 8, Tuesday 31 October 1989. I left Dwellingup at 7:45 on a lovely morning and headed up Del Park Road, which joins the Southwestern Highway at North Dandalup and is the quickest way to Perth. The jarrah forest was splendid and full of birdsong. The trend was downhill but there …

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