Perth to Cape Leeuwin via Nannup 1981

Perth to Cape Leeuwin Tour via Nannup, 1981


Perth to Cape Leeuwin via Nannup, 6 day bicycle tour, 1981. This is the fifth of a series of retrospective bike stories, of rides taken before 1987. 1987 was the first ride to be fully documented in the current format, with distances, speeds, rest stops and so on, moreover written as soon after the …

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Perth to Donnybrook 1981


Perth to Donnybrook, day 1, Monday 23 November 1981. As in 1979 and 1980, I decided to take the morning Australind train and start my ride from Bunbury. My plan required me to ride from Bunbury to Donnybrook as my first night’s stop. This was a distance of only 39 km. The North Boyanup Road […]

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Donnybrook to Nannup 1981

Balingup scene

Donnybrook to Nannup, day 2, Tuesday 24 November 1981. I had breakfast in the old hotel dining-room, then got ready to leave. I had been on new road, for me on a bike, ever since leaving Bunbury and turning down the old South-Western Highway instead of the Bussell Highway. This was to continue today. I […]

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Nannup to Augusta 1981


Nannup to Augusta, day 3, Wednesday 25 November 1981. I had breakfast in the old dining room. I paid my bill of $19.40 for dinner, bed and breakfast. Then I got ready and set off, on a day which was to resonate down through the years of bike riding ahead. I had decided …

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Augusta to Cape Leeuwin and Margaret River 1981

Cape Leeuwin Sign

Augusta to Cape Leeuwin and Margaret River, day 4, Thursday 26 November 1981. As in 1980, I needed to visit Cape Leeuwin and have a swim at Flinders Bay, where two oceans meet. I had an early breakfast so that I could leave most of the stuff in my room and get to the Cape, […]

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Margaret River to Busselton 1981

Busselton Foreshore Sunset

Margaret River to Busselton, day 5, Friday 27 November 1981. I had a good breakfast in the dining room and packed up and set off, straight up the Bussell Highway. I don’t remember the conditions and don’t remember taking any detours or visiting any caves or wineries. I do remember that I still felt weary, […]

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Busselton to Perth 1981

Bunbury main street

Busselton to Perth, day 6, Saturday 28 November 1981. I had a leisurely breakfast in my room, then a morning swim, before packing up and taking what should have been the easy ride up to Bunbury. But I was still afflicted by weariness, weakness and pain and the ankle was still going clunk, clunk with […]

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