Perth to Dumbleyung 2007

Perth to Dumbleyung Tour 2007

Dumbleyung Lake from space

Perth to Dumbleyung 2007, 9 days, cumulative distance 455 km. The aim of this trip, the first since 2005, was to take an opportunity which probably won’t come again; to start deep in the Great Southern and ride home via Dumbleyung and see Dumbleyung lake, which was more full than for some years due to […]

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Perth to Tenterden 2007


Perth to Tenterden, Monday 15 October 2007. PRELIMINARY This was another ride which started as in 2002. I went with Liz to her country property at Tenterden on Monday 15 October. I took the front wheel off my bike so it would fit in her Yaris. We stayed overnight at Williams then proceeded to Tenterden […]

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Tenterden to Tambellup 2007


Tenterden to Tambellup day 1, Thursday 18 October 2007. I did a few more jobs for Liz then put the front wheel back on the bike and finally rolled off down the gravel track towards Ronaldshaw Road at 10:32, 283. Ronaldshaw Road is now sealed all the way to Salt River Road, which runs from […]

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Tambellup to Katanning 2007


Tambellup to Katanning day 2, Friday 19 October 2007. I left Tambellup Hotel at 10:04 after a good breakfast and rode up the Great Southern Highway. The morning was cool and sunny but cloud was increasing and there was a ENE headwind. I rested at 343 and passed through Broomehill at 352. I was aware […]

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Katanning to Dumbleyung 2007

Dumbleyung Lake from space

Katanning to Dumbleyung day 3, Saturday 20 October 2007. I set off down Clive Street at 10 on a cool morning with a helpful south-westerly, as predicted. This got quite fresh as the day went on. The phrase ‘huge tail-wind’ came to my mind as I climbed a big hill later on. The day was […]

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Dumbleyung to Wagin 2007


Dumbleyung to Wagin day 4, Sunday 21 October 2007. The wind had indeed turned around to the SSE during the night. I had only 40 km to go to Wagin but wanted to take a diversion or two to get as close to the lake as I could. I had studied the map in the […]

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Wagin to Narrogin 2007


Wagin to Narrogin day 5, Monday 22 October 2007. I left the hotel at 9:45 am on a cool sunny morning, with winds SSE, helpful again, a tailwind. I found the Great Southern Highway without any trouble. There was a long climb out of Wagin, and when I stopped at the top of it and […]

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Narrogin to Williams 2007


Narrogin to Williams day 6, Tuesday 18 October 2007. I left the motel at 10 am but didn’t head for Williams straight away. I took the opportunity to ride into Foxes’ Lair, a nature park on the other side of the road from the motel. The motel brochures encouraged guests to visit it. There were […]

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Williams to Boddington 2007

Boddington - the Hotham River

Williams to Boddington day 7, Wednesday 24 October 2007. The day was warm and sunny with north to north-easterly winds, a headwind for 40 km of my planned day’s journey. I left the motel at 9:26 and turned onto the Albany Highway and made my way over the bridge and past the hotel and the […]

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Boddington to Dwellingup 2007


Boddington to Dwellingup day 8, Thursday 20 October 2007. I ate the entire supply of breakfast stuff, meant for two. I didn’t feel too bad after having got a few hours’ sleep. The day was warm and humid and there was a NW wind now due to the movement of the low-pressure trough and the […]

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