Perth to Margaret River 1979

Perth to Margaret River Tour 1979

the Margaret river

Perth to Margaret River, 6 day bicycle tour, 1979. This is the third of a series of retrospective bike stories, of rides taken before 1987. 1987 was the first ride to be fully documented in the current format, with distances, speeds, rest stops and so on, moreover written as soon after the event as …

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Perth to Busselton 1979

Australind train

Perth to Busselton, day 1, Monday 27 November 1979. This year I planned to do things in a different way. I would start the ride by taking the Australind train to Bunbury, then ride all the way back to Perth after going around the South-West. I had a notion to try the 100 km stretch […]

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Busselton to Margaret River 1979

Margaret River Surf

Busselton to Margaret River, day 2, Tuesday 28 November 1979. After having breakfast brought up to my room on a tray, I got going at mid-morning. I reached Margaret River a few hours later, got into the old hotel again and left my bike in the same place as I had in 1978. As in […]

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Margaret River to Busselton 1979

Mammoth Cave

Margaret River to Busselton, Day 3, Wednesday 29 November 1979. I had breakfast in the old dining room again. Then I got ready and set off. This was to be a long day but I had the new bike and felt able to do more. I was intending to go back to Busselton but …

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Busselton to Bunbury 1979

Bunbury main street

Busselton to Bunbury, day 4, Thursday 30 November 1979. I got my breakfast delivered to the door on a tray again and enjoyed that. I don’t think I took an early swim before setting off. After showering I got ready, paid and set off up the Bussell Highway towards Bunbury. I don’t remember anything about […]

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Bunbury to Mandurah 1979

Peppermint Trees

Bunbury to Mandurah, day 5, Friday 1 December 1979. I had a good breakfast in the old ornate but dingy dining room and packed up and set off towards the junction, at 9:10 am. Getting out of Bunbury was simpler in those days, before all the bypasses and extra roads and roundabouts. I turned …

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Mandurah to Cottesloe 1979

Woodman Point

Mandurah to Cottesloe, day 6, Saturday 2 December 1979. At last the dawn came up and I dragged myself wearily in to the breakfast room. I had been looking forward to a Brighton breakfast but in the event I didn’t feel at all hungry, and was sure that anything I ate would quickly be …

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