Perth to the Stirling Range 1993

Perth to the Stirling Range – The Stirlings Ride 1993

Stirling Range national park

Perth to the Stirling Range, 9 days, 1993. Cumulative distance 596km. This was to be the fulfilment of a dream that started in 1987, when I rode by the western edge of the Stirling Range and was prevented by weather and tiredness from taking a detour into it. The idea was to get to Bluff […]

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Perth to Albany Coach Ride 1993


Perth to Albany Coach Ride, preliminary day, Tuesday 19 October 1993. The bike had been taken down on Monday 18 October by Niteroad and left at the depot in Albany. I took the 9 am Westrail coach for Albany, the fast 6-hour journey via Williams. I had already booked a room in the …

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Albany to Prorongurup 1993

Porongurup Range

Albany to Porongurup, day 1, Wednesday 20 October 1993. Cloudy, cool, ENE headwind as I left the motel at 8:38. I went round the great roundabout and headed up the Chester Pass Road towards the Porongurup Range looming in the distance. The odometer seemed to be reading quite precisely, checking it against the …

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Porongurup to the Stirling Range 1993

Stirling Range national park

Porongurup to the Stirling Range, day 2, Thursday 21 October 1993. It had rained most of the night and was still drizzling in the morning. Grey clouds tumbled down the Porongurup Range and a cold wind blew from the ENE. When the hills were visible and the sky had brightened and the rain eased …

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Stirling Range to Gnowangerup 1993


Stirling Range to Gnowangerup, day 3, Friday 22 October 1993. I cleaned and oiled the bike, as I normally do on these rides after a wet ride, and left Stirling Range Caravan Park at 9:38. It was late but I had wanted to rest up. This was to be a harder day than I …

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Gnowangerup to Katanning 1993


Gnowangerup to Katanning, day 4, Saturday 23 October 1993. The winds started out with a promise of a bit of southerly in the westerly but as the day went on they shifted to the north again. This was to be 61km into a fresh head- or cross-wind. I left Gnowangerup at 9:04 and took my […]

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Katanning to Wagin 1993


Katanning to Wagin, day 5, Sunday 24 October 1993. The wind had strengthened from the west and there was to be rain. I left Katanning at 9:35 and headed due west for 12 km. Rain started soon after my day’s ride began and kept falling. It doesn’t take long to get soaked under these …

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Wagin to Narrogin 1993


Wagin to Narrogin, day 6, Monday 25 October 1993. The day was fine with a light westerly, sometimes going WSW, not helpful but not too opposing. I cleaned and oiled the bike and left Wagin at 9:40. I had slept in after a Panquil but still felt a bit challenged by the mere 50km …

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Narrogin to Brookton 1993


Narrogin to Brookton, day 7, Tuesday 26 October 1993. The day started off calm, but a westerly steadily increased in strength. This was mainly a cross-breeze, opposing slightly most of the time with the occasional bit of help when the road ran a bit NNE. The day was clear. I left Narrogin at 7:59. …

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Brookton to York 1993


Brookton to York, day 8, Wednesday 27 October 1993. I had a good night’s sleep in Brookton without any pills. Rain started to fall at about 10 pm and kept on through the night. The morning was clear, but very cold and windy with a promise of more fierce squalls to come drifting across …

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