Kelmscott to Rocky Gully Tour 1996

Kelmscott to Rocky Gully Tour 1996 – 13 days, 827 km cumulative distance. The aim of this trip was to follow the route of the 1991 ride as far as a resort on the Muirs Highway, then, instead of turning back west as in 1991, to continue east as far as Rocky Gully, then return by some of the route followed in 1987, but this time going all the way back to Cottesloe.

Rocky Gully

Rocky Gully

There is nothing special about Rocky Gully except that, before I successfully rode to the Stirlings from Albany in 1993, I had a plan to stay at Rocky Gully on the way from Manjimup to Cranbrook as a way of getting into the Stirlings from the west, by a series of achievable day’s rides. The 100km distance from Manjimup to Rocky Gully, along the hilly Muirs Highway, possibly with unfavourable winds, seemed a formidable obstacle. After reaching the Stirlings by another route, Rocky Gully remained as a symbol of a challenge unmet.

My hopes of meeting this challenge were encouraged by the appearance since 1991 of another overnight stop on the Muirs Highway, 21 km south-east of Manjimup and only a short distance off the highway. This cut the distance to Rocky Gully down to 77 km, rather than 97 km from Manjimup or 90 from Kin Kin. I booked a cabin at Nyamup before starting the ride, noting that I would have to bring all my own food.


On Monday, October 14 I rode the bike to Lathlain train station, then took the train to Challis, to stay the night with Veronica at Kelmscott and start the ride from there early the next morning, before the sun and wind got up.

Charles A. Pierce

Other Days on this Tour:

  1. Kelmscott to Rocky Gully Tour 1996
  2. Kelmscott to Pinjarra 1996
  3. Pinjarra to Harvey 1996
  4. Harvey to Donnybrook 1996
  5. Donnybrook to Bridgetown 1996
  6. Bridgetown to Nyamup 1996
  7. Nyamup to Rocky Gully 1996
  8. Rocky Gully to Kojonup 1996
  9. Kojonup to Boscabel 1996
  10. Boscabel to Darkan 1996
  11. Darkan to Collie 1996
  12. Collie to Waroona 1996
  13. Waroona to Mandurah 1996
  14. Mandurah to Cottesloe 1996

Daily Locations for this Tour:

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