Donkey Orchid

donkey orchid

Diuris is a genus of herbaceous plant belonging to the orchid family (Orchidaceae). The common name Donkey Orchid is logically derived from the appearance of the two lateral petals, protruding from the top of the flower like the two ears of a donkey.

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karri forest

Eucalyptus diversicolor, commonly known as the Karri, is a eucalypt which is native to the wetter regions of south west of Western Australia. The tree grows to 90 metres, making it one of the tallest species in the world. It has white to cream bark that changes to brown as it matures. The trunk extends straight up with no secondary trunks: in mature trees branches will be present in the top third of the tree only.

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Lilac Hibiscus

Alyogyne Huegelii - Lilac Hibiscus

Alyogyne huegelii is a flowering plant commonly named Lilac Hibiscus, found in the Southwest botanical province of Western Australia, extending along its entire coastline. The large flower, highly variable in colour, is similar to that of Hibiscus.

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Pink Fairy Orchid

pink fairy orchid

The Pink Fairy Orchid (Caladenia latifolia) is species of orchid found across southern Australia. The flowers may be solitary or in an inflorescence of a few flowers and appear during August – October.

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leschenaultia biloba

Lechenaultia is a genus of plants in the Goodeniaceae family. Some species of this genus are used like ornamental plants. Lechenaultia species are diverse in form, they may appear as trees, shrubs, or small herbaceous plants.

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Banksia Grandis

Banksia Grandis

Banksia grandis, commonly known as Bull Banksia, Giant Banksia or Mangite, is a common and distinctive tree in South West Western Australia. The flowers of Banksia grandis were known as mangyt, pulgarla or Bool gal la by the Indigenous peoples who live within its range. The flowers were steeped in water or sucked to obtain nectar.

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Cowslip Orchid

cowslip orchid

The Cowslip Orchid or Butter Orchid (Caladenia flava) is species of orchid found across Southwest Australia. Flowers are on a long stalk and are between two to five, usually yellow, occasionally pinkish or white, and speckled with magenta.

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Jarrah Trees

Eucalyptus marginata is one of the most common species of Eucalyptus tree in the southwest of Western Australia. The tree and the wood are usually referred to by the Aboriginal name Jarrah. Because of the similar appearance of worked jarrah timber to the Honduras mahogany tree, jarrah was once called Swan River mahogany after the river system that runs through Perth. Jarrah trees are unusual in that they have a lignotuber, a large underground swelling which stores carbohydrates and allows young trees to regenerate after a fire. Because they are deep-rooted, as much as 40 metres (130 ft), jarrah are drought resistant and able to draw water from great depths during dry periods. The tree grows up to 40 metres (130 ft) high with a trunk up to 3 metres (9.8 ft) in diameter, and has rough, greyish-brown, vertically grooved, fibrous bark which sheds in long flat strips.

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Purple Enamel Orchid

purple enamel orchid

Elythranthera brunonis, also known as Purple Enamel Orchid, is a species of orchid which is endemic to Western Australia. This wildflower has shiny purple flowers with an approximate size of 3–4 cm.

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Dardanup Grass Trees

Xanthorrhoea preissii, with the common name Blackboy, is a widespread species of perennial monocot in Southwest Australia. This plant, and other members of the genus Xanthorrhoea, currently contained by the Xanthorrhoeaceae family, are also known as grasstrees. The form of the plant resembles a tree, with very long and bunched, grass-like, leaves that emerge from a central base.

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